PEMF Newport Beach

PEMF Newport Beach

It is better you prevent than endure the cost of cure. Using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is like tuning your mind and body. When PEMF is used on a frequent basis, it will assist your body in responding to some of the minor imbalances before they advance and start debilitating your body. It is also capable of providing focus and energy for the day ahead together with calming and distressing effects whenever you had a busy day. Healthier, happier and natural sleep are the results that come with using PEMF therapy devices. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider using PEMF therapy.


Metabolism and cell communication do slow with aging. However, using the magnetic field therapy on a frequent basis will help promote ATP activation in the body which will activate regeneration on a cellular level. All organs including the immune system will function better when the cellular energy increases.
Use of PEMF will help in increasing oxygen levels and circulation in the blood. When used on a frequent basis, it can also assist in balancing the levels of sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Tension and Pain

PEMF machines are capable of decreasing tension, pain and swelling without having any side effects or use of drugs. Lack of oxygen to body tissues and cells can also cause pain due to poor flow of blood to the tight muscles. However, use of PEMF will help increase oxygenation and circulation of blood.


One of the biggest threats to anybody’s health is effectively dealing with stress. Stress will not only speed up the aging process, but it will also drain your energy. It is capable of causing depression, sleep problems, anxiety together with other serious health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, and arthritis.


You can use Pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation to help reduce stress, relax muscles and improve levels of sleep. This system consists of sound and light that allows stimulating of the brain to produce Theta waves, Alpha or beta depending on the selected program. This is essential as it helps support deeper sleep and relaxation.

Performance and Sports Injury

It does not matter if you are someone who likes working out or a competitive athlete. PEMF Newport Beach treatment will be of great help in ensuring you work your muscles harder, recover from injuries faster and experience less muscle soreness.

Low Energy and Fatigue

Low energy can be a result of stress and other factors. However, the levels of energy in our body are also known to drop as we age. According to recent research statistics, at 60 years, the levels of our energy are said to be at 50%. Whenever our body lacks enough energy amounts to function as required, it can hurt our body. This will, in turn, increase our chances of falling sick.

PEMF Newport Beach treatment will help rejuvenate your inner powers and activate self-healing of the body increasing the levels of energy in the body. We are changing the way we handle and treat our bodies this is the future of fitness and training.

PEMF Newport Beach


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